Mr. Mahmood Haque


As an attorney who served as Chief Operating Officer for hospitals and medical practices throughout his career, including North Houston Family Medicine, Emergency Hospitals Systems, and Woodlands Specialty Hospital Systems. Mr. Haque provides the legal, business, and healthcare experience necessary to ensure successful results.

Mahmood Haque – My Story

Mahmood Haque is the Managing Attorney of Haque Law, PLLC, a healthcare and injury law firm spanning across two locations throughout Houston, Texas with over 12 employees and 2 attorneys. In this role, he leverages 10 years of healthcare operations to represent clients in healthcare industry in addition to rendering litigation, healthcare compliance and strategies. Prior to practicing traditional law, Mahmood Haque spent five years in hospital c-suite management where he was the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Hospital, Chief Executive Officer of Woodlands Specialty Hospital (WSH), Interim Chief Executive Officer of Providence Hospital, and Executive Chief Operating Officer of the Emergency Hospital Systems, LLC (EHS). In this role, he was involved in the hospitals cost control and management, physician and employee relations, facility operations, and policy administration.

Mr. Haque received his Bachelors of Science in Political Science and Sociology in 2011 from the University of Houston – Main Campus, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2015 from the South Texas College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas. Mr. Haque has a long and successful career in the healthcare industry that began  with managing pharmacies, followed by healthcare consultant to various clinics and urgent care operations including but not limited to managing the complete construction cycle of new facilities.

Before entering hospital management, Mr. Haque spent 5 years aiding in developing and managed fourteen multi-specialty clinics for US Pain and Spine, served in assisting owner/operators to increase revenue and develop multilevel policies, procedures, and protocols. The extensive, in-depth experience Mr. Haque has gained managing many types of healthcare operations is directly applicable to the strategy of both internal and external growth that his clients are presently undergoing. As an Executive in hospital management, Mr. Haque is applying this experience, along with his law background, to guide, direct, and manage the growth and expansion of his clients at Haque Law, PLLC. He plays an integral role in clients in the hospital, laboratory and pharmacy business development and healthcare management.

Unique Qualifications

It’s rare to find a group of attorneys that have both operational and legal experience in the healthcare industry. More importantly, it’s even harder to find a law firm that’s built on long term relationships. It’s our experience and relationships that help us tackle any and all issues that our clients may face making us the best in the business

Stress FREE

It is easy to solve problems. It’s much harder to keep problems away. Our approach to issues and resolutions is what stands us apart from other law firms. Our ability to relate and think outside of the box allows us to put policies, procedures, resolutions and agreements in place to keep our clients compliant

Your Success Is Ours

We define success by our clients success. Oftentimes, the needs of our clients is to simply establish relationships with others in the industry. Watching our clients’ success grow by the relationships we establish is the core to our success ratio. 

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