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Our firm represents a vast portfolio of clients in the business and healthcare industry. With over 40 years of combined experience, not only do we have in-depth legal knowledge, but we have direct hands-on experience inside the business and healthcare industry as owners and operators of pharmacies, executives of clinics, and managers of micro-hospitals. Our team is dedicated to building long-term personable relationships through long-lasting solutions. We achieve this by taking the time to better understand our clients goals and needs. Our ability to relate to our clients’ needs sets us apart from other law firms.

A Team Of Professionals

Mahmood Haque

Mahmood Haque

Esq. - Founder

Richard Harris

Richard Harris

MD, PharmD, MBA - Medical Director

Mariam Hussein

Mariam Hussein

Practice Areas

Business Law

At Haque Law, we are keenly aware that correctly organizing a business is vital to that business’s health and well-being. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience managing healthcare, pharmacy, and other companies, as well as providing legal advice to clients in many specialties. You can count on Haque Law to be the right choice to help you design the organization you need to support your new venture.  

Pharmacy Law

For those new to pharmacy operations, it is easy to become discouraged by the daunting array of state, federal, and local regulations covering almost every aspect of pharmacy management. Regardless of your specific area of interest, you can be sure Haque Law will stand with you to meet every challenge.  Our mission is to see that your rights and benefits are fully acknowledged and granted. For questions about our services or to discuss a specific issue, please connect with us.

Health Law

Not only do we have in-depth legal knowledge, but we have direct hands-on experience inside the healthcare industry as owners and operators of pharmacies, executives of clinics, and managers of micro-hospitals. And, when you engage us to represent you in regulatory or legal issues, we put both our legal knowledge and industry experience to work for you.

Estate planning

At a minimum, most individuals should have a will, a durable medical power of attorney, a durable financial power of attorney, and an advanced directive.  An attorney should prepare these documents, which should remain accessible to family members in the event the person dies or become incapacitated. Our commitment is to help make the job of organizing your personal financial situation as easy as possible.

Personal Injury

There are many scenarios that may warrant a personal injury case. Any time a person or private entity causes harm to another through negligence, gross negligence, reckless conduct, intentional misconduct, or in some cases on the basis of strict liability, then the injured person is eligible to seek damages.


Haque Law is prepared to assist you and your practice in implementing and utilizing policies and procedures that adhere to all applicable Covid-19 laws, rules, and regulations.

Unique Qualifications

It’s rare to find a group of attorneys that have both operational and legal experience in the healthcare industry. More importantly, it’s even harder to find a law firm that’s built on long term relationships. It’s our experience and relationships that help us tackle any and all issues that our clients may face making us the best in the business.

Stress Free

It is easy to solve problems. It’s much harder to keep problems away. Our approach to issues and resolutions is what stands us apart from other law firms. Our ability to relate and think outside of the box allows us to put policies, procedures, resolutions and agreements in place to keep our clients compliant.

Your Success Is Ours

We define success by our clients success. Oftentimes, the needs of our clients is to simply establish relationships with others in the industry. Watching our clients’ success grow by the relationships we establish is the core to our success ratio. 

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